Combined PUC Analyzer For Petrol/Diesel /CNG/LPG Vehicles

Starting from ₹2,50,000

Combined PUC Analyzer For Petrol/Diesel /CNG/LPG Vehicles. Instrument is easily upgradable to measure concentration of 6 gases (NOx, SOx in addition to CO, HC, CO2 and O2). WaterSense helps detect any water content from the sampling system into the Instrument and turns off the pump and stops suction thus prolonging the life of the instrument. Auto Zero The accuracy of the NDIR sensor depends upon temperature factors. Any change in the temperature results in change in the measured values. AutoZero ensures to zero measured values for every 20 minutes by default, for every 2°C change in the temperature or before entering into the measurement mode thus ensuring accuracy of the data being measured.

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